Building Entry/Exit

  • Clients will text upon arrival, and therapist will greet them at the mall door which opens onto parking lot.
  • Exit will be through the fire exit at the end of the hallway south of group room/waiting room doors.
    Parents may wait for their children in the waiting room, but please observe the guidelines.

Waiting Room

  • Maximum 5 people on main side of the waiting room. Posted occupancy on door.
  • Maximum 2 people on group room side.
  • 2 chairs in the hallway to the right of the group room.
  • 2 chairs next to Carolyn’s office in main hallway.
  • Table in hallway with sign requesting use of the provided hand sanitizer prior to entering office. Sign advising clients who have any signs of illness, have been recently exposed to someone that is sick, or have travelled outside the country and not completed quarantine procedures, to reschedule appointments.
  • Water cooler off limits.
  • No toys, books, puzzles or magazines available.

Group Room

  • Remove bean bag chairs.
  • Have 2 chairs as waiting chairs.
  • No cloth towels in sink area; use paper towels provided.


  • Daily cleaning – wipe down in-between clients’ appointment times.
  • Wipe down waiting room chair(s) with Lysol Wipes or bleach as soon as clients vacate chair(s) for
  • Evening wipe down of all handles and surface areas at end of day. Last person that leaves does this on
    their own side.
  • Weekly cleaning schedule for the deep clean.
  • Offices – take out pillows, blankets, stuffies (things that can’t be cleaned). Wipe down and pack up toys
    and put away.

Email clients

  • Email clients prior to their first appointment back with us to inform them of our new protocol.

Summer Groups

  • Drop off and pick up by parent at the activity.
  • Only activities where social distancing can be maintained.
  • Outside activities preferred.
  • Hand sanitizer in personal vehicles, to be used upon entering and exiting vehicle.
  • Individuals provide their own water and snacks.
  • Cancel group if weather, or any other conditions, restrict the ability to maintain adequate social
    distancing measures.