Anne Ross, BScOT

About Anne Ross

Anne Ross, Occupational Therapist at Sky High Professional Group in Vernon, BC

Anne Ross, BScOT

Anne is a registered occupational therapist and an honours graduate from Queen’s University.

Her experience includes over 20 years with the public education system as a consultant and collaborative team member for children ages 5-19. Her practice involves assessment and treatment of children with both physical and developmental disabilities. Anne has extensive experience with children who have Autism Spectrum Disorder; she is a member of the RASP (Registered Autism Service Provider) list and is trained in the Social Thinking Curriculum.

As an occupational therapist, Anne is concerned with children who have challenges that interfere with successful participation and performance of every day activities.
She takes a practical approach to helping children develop skills and strategies to overcome these challenges, reveal potential and nurture self-esteem. Anne is committed to working toward goals that are meaningful to the child and family.

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