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Hellmut Noelle

Hellmut Noelle, M.Div., MA, CCC, RCC, CCC-S

Hellmut is a Registered Clinical Counsellor & Certified Canadian Counsellor with his MA in Counselling. His specialty is facilitating recovery with a special interest is working with male survivors of sexual abuse. He believes that abuse and trauma do not destine a person to lifelong victimhood. Instead these can become steppingstones to a more meaningful and content life. Other forms of counselling include helping individuals in their struggles with depression, loss & grief, and anger management. He also provides couples’ counselling when people in a relationship need guidance to solve their difficulties or just need help restoring vitality. This includes numerous tools for improving their communication skills.

In addition, to counselling Hellmut is also a Certified Canadian Counsellor Supervisor (CCC-S) who is available to help professional counsellors receive clinical supervision, file review or guidance through challenges including complaints against their practice.

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